Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HSIP Gold 2011 Released

NGA is now accepting requests for HSIP Gold 2011 through the HIFLD WG website  The HSIP Gold Database is a unified homeland infrastructure geospatial data inventory assembled by NGA in partnership with the HIFLD community for common use by the Homeland Security (HLS), Homeland Defense (HD) and Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery (EPR&R) communities.  It is a compilation of geospatial data characterizing domestic infrastructure and boundaries assembled from a variety of federal agencies, commercial vendors and state mission partners.  The HSIP Gold 2011 database is disseminated on a 3 DVD set and is subject to For Official Use Only (FOUO) handling guidance.

Due to licensing restrictions, NGA can only disseminate HSIP Gold 2011 to those requestors who are validated as Federal Interagency members of the HLS/HD/EPR&R Communities, National Guard WMD-CSTs, National Guard Critical Infrastructure Protection – Mission Assurance Assessment teams (or their supporting contractors).  If you would like to request the HSIP Gold 2011 data, please login to the HIFLD web site, select the “HSIP” tab, and click “HSIP Gold 2011”, then “Submit Request for Data” link.  If you requested HSIP Gold 2010 you are not required to re-request HSIP Gold 2011, however, you MUST validate your user information under “My HSIP Requests” before HSIP Gold 2011 will be processed for delivery.

Please print the signatory pages of the agreement (last 3 pages), sign, scan and email to the NGA HSIP Team at  Your request cannot be processed until this form is received by NGA.  If a PDF document does not open, please contact the HIFLD WG Staff  for further assistance.

For any assistance with HSIP Gold access or dissemination issues, please contact the NGA HSIP Team at:

If you are not a validated Federal Interagency member, you can download HSIP Freedom from the DHS Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) GIS portal.  The HSIP Freedom data set is a subset of the HSIP Gold that includes data free from licensing restrictions.  HSIP Freedom 2011 is expected to be available shortly after the release of HSIP Gold 2011.  An additional email will be sent to registered HIFLD members announcing the availability of HSIP Freedom 2011.

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