Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Release Features - DHS First Responder Communities of Practice

As many of you are aware, DHS has been working hard to bring on line collaborative tools for the response community.  Here's an update on their efforts at the "DHS First Responder Communities of Practice".

"Dear Member,

Have you visited First Responder Communities of Practice lately ( We’ve just launched version 2.01 – visit the site to check out some of the latest features, many of which are a direct result of feedback provided by site members.

New features include:

• New Community Subscription Management Page: This feature enables users to manage subscriptions and notification preferences in all communities of which they are a member. Members can manage subscription to each community’s discussions, wiki, documents repository, blogs and the newly released community Wall. You can find the subscriptions under Quick Links on the site homepage or in the navigation under Communities > Manage Subscriptions.

• New Global Blog on the Main Homepage: You can now post blogs to the global blog, which appears on all members’ homepages.

• New Community Wall on Community Homepages: You can now post short messages on the homepage of a community for quick announcements, discussion, or questions.

• New Community Tag Clouds: Each community now offers a community tag cloud – making it easier for you to quickly discover each community’s most popular or latest content.

• Invitations: You can invite your colleagues to the site through the invitation module – this feature now has an increased character limit for personal messages. You also now have the ability to preview invitation email text before sending the invitation request.

• Member Directory: You can now quickly find your connections within the Member Directory - connections are now denoted with an icon for simple discovery.

• Inbox : You can send and receive emails via the site’s email module. The new release now allows you to send an email to 25 individuals at once.

• Discussion Board: The new release offers enhancements within discussion boards in each community, including informative tooltips and additional information added to notification emails.

For any questions or to discuss the existing or latest features, please log into First Responder Communities of Practice and post to the User Forum. Thank you for your continued support of the site. Your participation is crucial in establishing the site as a useful resource for the first responder community!"

First Responder Communities of Practice

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