Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FEMA Issues Guidance for the Submission of Flood Mapping Data

Procedure Memorandum No. 62
As of May 25, 2011, Procedure Memorandum No. 62 (PM 62), Technical Support Data Notebook (TSDN) submittal and Flood Elevation Determination Docket (FEDD) File Review Protocol for Mapping Projects, was issued final.  This link includes the final approved PM 62 to help explain the purpose of the procedure memorandum and new requirements as well as the FEDD File Submission Guidelines and corresponding FEDD and TSDN Inventory Checklists.  MIP User Guidance for Submitting Study Data Artifacts to FEMA will be issued in the near future. 
With the implementation of PM 62, beginning with post-preliminary mapping projects for which Letters of Final Determination will be issued on or after August 2, 2011, all mapping partners, including IDIQ contractors and CTPs, are required to submit FEDD files and TSDNs in a timely fashion to FEMA Headquarters (or its designee as indicated on the attached FEDD File Submission Guidelines PM 62)  and to complete the checklists and certify that their project documentation is complete and reflects the final products by signing the certification page on the TSDN Inventory Checklist.  Please note, the FEDD files must be submitted for review along with all other documentation during Quality Review 6 (60 days before the LFD is scheduled to be issued).
Please ensure widest dissemination of this procedure memorandum to your RSCs, staff, and mapping partners.  If you have any questions regarding PM 62 please contact Michael Godesky by email at Michael.Godesky@dhs.gov or Rick Sacbibit at Rick.Sacbibit@dhs.gov .

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