Friday, June 3, 2011

HIFLD WG July Meeting Announcement

The July HIFLD WG meeting is rapidly approaching.  In order to ensure a robust session, please be sure to provide feedback to the following questions at or via email to the  HIFLD Support Staff (

1. How do you use HSIP Gold/Freedom data to support your mission?
2.  a. Which HSIP Gold/Freedom Data Layers do you use the most?
    b. Which HSIP Gold/Freedom Data Layers do you use the least?
3. What additional data, data attributes and /or data sources would you like to see in HSIP Gold/Freedom?
4. What data are you currently purchasing to meet your mission?
5. Do you currently use HSIP Gold provided symbology? If no, what symbology is used?
6. How do you use HSIP Gold/Freedom in support of exercise/training (e.g. NLE 2011)?

The next HIFLD Working Group meeting, scheduled for 7-8 July 2011 and will be hosted by San Diego State University (SDSU) in the Hardy Tower.  The purpose of this meeting is to conduct the 2011 HSIP Gold/Freedom Data Feedback and Symbology session and to facilitate further discussion on the identification, acquisition and use of common homeland geospatial infrastructure data, symbology and applications for shared use among HIFLD WG members. Additionally, topics of general interest related to how geospatial technology and data supports efforts to enhance the protection and resiliency of our Nation's infrastructure and international infrastructure significant to the US will be addressed. Details on how to register for the meeting are listed below. If you have any questions please contact Casey Perry at 703.377.9684/757.532.8252,  or

-Online registration can be found on the HIFLD website,, register using conference code HIF51145.  Conference fee will be approximately $35.00
-Additional logistic information can be found on the HIFLD website and on the conference registration site.  If you do not already have an account, please complete the request access form. Password and login instructions will be sent to you via e-mail once your request has been submitted.

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