Monday, June 27, 2011

HSIP Gold/Freedom Feedback Session - Feedback Requested

In preparation for the upcoming 7-8 July 2011 Homeland Security Infrastructure Program (HSIP) Gold/Freedom Data Feedback Session the Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data (HIFLD) Working Group is collecting feedback to better understand your HSIP Gold/Freedom data usage and requirements. To assist in the feedback process and ensure the success of HSIP, please provide feedback by visiting or via email to the  HIFLD Support Staff ( The HIFLD Working Group would specifically like to understand:
                1. How do you use HSIP Gold/Freedom data to support your mission?
                2.  a. Which HSIP Gold/Freedom Data Layers do you use the most?
                     b. Which HSIP Gold/Freedom Data Layers do you use the least?
                3. What additional data, data attributes and /or data sources would you like to see in HSIP Gold/Freedom?
                4. What data are you currently purchasing to meet your mission?
                5. Do you currently use HSIP Gold provided symbology? If no, what symbology is used?
                6. How do you use HSIP Gold/Freedom in support of exercise/training (e.g. NLE 2011)?

If you would like to provide specific data layer HSIP feedback please utilize the HSIP Feedback Mechanism found on the HIFLDWG website ( The Feedback Mechanism allows for specific types of feedback, including:
-          General Comment
-          Recommend New Data Layer
-          Recommend New Data Layer Attribute
-          General Data Layer Comment
-          Point/Line/Polygon Comment
-          Metadata Comment

As always the HIFLD Working Group and HSIP appreciates your support and dedication.  The updated July 2011 HIFLD WG Agenda is attached, for additional information the on the July HIFLD Working Group Meeting or HSIP please visit or contact Casey Perry,, 703-377-9684

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