Monday, June 27, 2011

ICS 300 and 400 Training Dates Announced

Here's an opportunity for some excellent advanced ICS training:

Prairie Island Indian Community is hosting an ICS300 and ICS400 this August.
A prior scheduled course had to be canceled  and rescheduled due to not enough students.
If you know of anyone needing this course please pass the information on.
Law enforcement personnel can receive 24 (ICS-300) and 16 (ICS-400) hours of continuing
education credit upon completion of these classes.
Minimum number of students for these classes is 20, the maximum is 40.
300 will be August 15th, 16th, and 17th. (Mon- Wed.)  8-5pm daily with an hour break for lunch on your own.
400 will be August 29th and 30th.   (Mon- Tues.)  8-5 daily with an hour lunch break on your own.
They will be located in our Tribal Court Chambers in the Community.
If you are interested in signing up please contact me via email or phone.  I will need proof of
passing any prerequisite courses  (for 300 it is ics 100,200 and 700,  for 400 it is ics 300) prior to
the start date of the course for the instructor.  If you are signing up a student, I need their name, title and agency they work for and a way to contact them prior to the class to send out directions and information.
I will send out a confirmation email to enrolled students a week prior to the course
with directions and options for lunch nearby.

We do have a hotel near the property and there are also other hotels within 10 miles of where the class will be held.  If you have any questions about hotels, please let me know.
Thanks much, sorry for the hassle in doing this all over again.
Jennifer Cable
Jennifer Cable
Prairie Island Indian Community
Emergency Management Coordinator
Prairie Island Tribal Police Department
1960 Island Blvd.
Welch, MN 55089
651-385-4178  office
651-267-4008  fax
651-775-1560  cell

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