Monday, June 13, 2011

June 9, 2011 EPC Meeting Presentations Are Now Available

The Power Point presentations from the June 9, 2011, EPC meeting are now available by using the appropriate links in the right hand column.  You will find there:
  • The administrative meeting presentation covering a wide variety of snippets related to the EPC.
  • Snap Shot presentation on HAZUS-MN, by Kitty Hurley.  An outstanding piece that will help you gain better understanding of how to use this geospatial tool to save your community BIG money.
  • Four excellent USGS presentations made available to us by Brenda Jones's visit to the EPC.  In them you will find lots of information about imagery capabilities that can be made available to your community response team during a disaster.
The presentations play best if you use the "Start Slide Show" feature found on the menu bar immediately above a presentation when it first opens.  Although there is no audio available for these presentations - there is a great deal of information that is visually available on the slides.

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