Monday, July 18, 2011

Groupon Tracks Mobile Users’ Locations—Even If Their Apps Aren’t Open

From Internet Retailer:

"Groupon Inc. knows where mobile consumers are—even if those consumers aren’t using the daily deal sites’ mobile app at that moment, according to the company’s new privacy policies. “if you use a Groupon mobile application and your mobile device’s settings allow it, we may collect mobile location information from your device. Our application may be designed to collect information even if you are not logged into the Groupon application or the sites,” reads the newest version of company’s policy."  Read more.

Comment: Here's another example of one of the multiple ways to track individuals in everyday life, yet the development of a national Common Operating Picture (COP) that would do the same thing in the emergency service sector remains an elusive goal.  Obviously, technology is not the issue.

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