Friday, July 8, 2011

LightSquared GPS Update

As many of you are aware, a commercial entity called LightSquared seeks to use the frequency spectrum immediate adjacent to the band used for GPS to implement a powerful terrestrial based communications system.  The Federal Communications Commission is currently considering a report that raises concerns about the damage that could occur to GPS accuracy as a result.  Find below items that relate to the current situation:

The FCC has set a July 30th deadline for the public to submit comments.

A news release from the GPS community voicing strong concerns can be found here.

The official hearing documents can be found here.  Appendix G2 gives some specifics on testing that was done with GPS devices.

If you are concerned about this situation, you may want to take the time contact the FCC, or your Congressman and/or Senators.  The Coalition to Save Our GPS has created a page that relates how you can do this.  Go here

Disclaimer: I have been in contact with my Congressman since January 2011 on this issue.

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