Thursday, July 7, 2011

Metro Geocoder Alternatives During Minnesota Government Shutdown

From Nancy Read at Metropolitan Mosquito Control District:

"In response to the MN State Government shutdown, two replications of the Metro Geocoder service have been set up.

The staff at Metropolitan Council GIS were first on the scene and set up a service that uses the local streets and parcels data in the ESRI geocoder, but they also replicated the input and response formats of the PAGC geocoder at MnGeo, including both address and intersection search. This has been graciously opened for general use, as in this sample request: AVE W&PlaceName=Saint Pau&ResponseFormat=XML&RequestStrategy=Both

A new build of the regular open-source PAGC Geocoder has now been installed at SharedGeo, and can be accessed as shown in this sample request:

The PAGC-based service gives results like the MnGeo installation (including landmarks) and also should require very minimal alteration to applications calling the Geocoder. However note that unlike at MnGeo this needs to be set up as a secure request (https), so the users' code calling the Geocoder needs to be able to handle that. Also this uses the latest version of the Geocoder code, which allows single-line submission of address data and then does its own parsing, as well as handling intersections and landmarks. The parcel database is the most recent available (May 2011), and streets will be updated from NCompass/GuideK12 soon."

Note: Information about these services will also be posted at the: Available GIS During MN Gov't Shutdown website.


  1. Thanks for keeping track of all this stuff. Note that the address you reference for the Metropolitan Council replica of the MetroGIS Geocoder is actually hosted at

    Here is an example request.
    MetroGIS Geocoder replica example request

  2. Thanks Matt. I've updated the Notes page at the Available GIS site to reflect this information.