Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Minnesota Geospatial Services During State Shutdown - Updates

As related in previous posts, a website that provides links to geospatial services, data, maps, and other related information available during the state shutdown can be accessed by using the link immediately above the Emergency Preparedness Committtee symbol in the right-most column.  Look for the link entitled: "Available GIS During MN Gov't Shutdown", or click here.

In addition, from Mike Dolbow at Minnesota Department of Agriculture: "If anyone needs an update of a shapefile formerly hosted on the Data Deli, chances are I can get you a version during the shutdown. Just send me a note at and let me know the layer name (metadata) and the last time you downloaded it."

And from Brad Neuhauser, GIS Specialist, Elections Division, Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State:
"Hi, noticed the link to the EPC blog and Available GIS in the MN GIS/LIS announcement today.  As sole GIS-related staff at Secretary of State, I generally fly under the radar, but since our office is open (due to it being under a constitutional officer) while so many others are closed, I thought I'd pass that news along in case it might be of use.
Brad Neuhauser
GIS Specialist
Elections Division
Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State

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  1. Yeah...but I forgot to mention I'll be out of the office from 7/18-7/29! You can try the other guys listed at ...
    - Mike D.