Tuesday, August 23, 2011

99 Cents Gets You the U.S. National Grid on Your iPhone

MilGPS Version 1.1

There are more than a few of these U.S. National Grid (USNG)/Military Gird Reference System (MGRS)applications out there floating around.  Big pluses for this system:
  • SIMPLE - straightforward readout of your location in grid coordinates
  • Florida USNG Efforts - managed to get the developer to lean forward and anticipate a Next Generation 9-1-1 requirement.  The app allows for the, "easy transfer of coordinate to any other application to include text messaging."  Just think of the possibilities.....no requirement to tell a 911 call center an ADDRESS during the stress of an emergency - instead they could get a text message with precise USNG coordinates.........  All for a mere 99 cents!
iPhone Screenshot 1

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