Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Geospatial Tech's Impact on Government's Emergency Response Efforts

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Virtual USA: How Geospatial Tech Is Changing Government
By Patrick Marshall
Aug 10, 2011

Here's the pitch: "A geospatial framework emerges for emergency response coordination among federal, state and local governments."

Comment: This article is actually the lead piece in an interlocking series on the same subject that can be found by clicking links in the "Related coverage" window, middle of the first page.  Correspondingly, even more articles can be found by using the "Related coverage" links in those follow on pieces.   As you are reading these articles that focus primarily on the power of technology, remember there are three pieces that must be in place to make a Common Operating Picture (Virtual USA) approach work: technology, people and policies.  Without those last two, the effort will fall far short of what is technologically possibleGo here to read more on that point (shameless plug).

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  1. Thanks EPC for your unique leadership and example with important National influence/education at this unique (critical) time in terms of important and lifesaving need.