Saturday, August 6, 2011

Registration Now Open for the 21st Annual MN GIS/LIS Fall Conference & Workshops

The MN GIS/LIS Fall Conference and Workshops registration opened on Wednesday, August 3rd.  Early registration ends on September 16th.

This year's event in St. Cloud will once again include the EPC promotional booth, and a variety of educational presentations on the use of geospatial technlogies for emergency response.  They include:
  • Using GIS in Search and Rescue in a Natural Environment – Simon Morgan, Three Rivers Park District
  • Deploying Next Generation 9-1-1: GIS needs from a State Perspective – Dan Falbo, ESRI; Jackie Mines, ECN-DPS
  • MNDOT and Counties Team up to Crowd-source Emergency Events – Sonia Dickerson, MN DOT
  • Carver County Flood Mapping: Quick and Efficient Map Updates for Road Closures – Chad Riley, Carver County
  • Next Generation GIS and 2011 Floods: A review and next steps – Dan Falbo, ESRI; John Blood, HSEM; Kay Anderson, Cass County; Paul Weinberger, MNDOT; Jim Bunning, Scott County; Pete Henschel, Carver County
It is particularily heartening to see two members of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety involved in these presentations for the first time: Jackie Mines and John Blood.  Please be sure to give them a warm welcome to the conference and attend their events if you can!  Full agenda and registration information can be found here.

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