Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When Social Media Equals Survival (One Side of the Coin)

To read the article from the New York Times, click the link below:

WORLD   | September 25, 2011
Mexico Turns to Social Media for Information and Survival
Social media has become a necessity in Mexico, with a mission far different from that of the Arab revolutions - here, it is deployed for local survival.

Comment: Earlier this month in a post entitled: Social Media and Emergency Management, it was noted how technical elements of the conventional and non-conventional worlds of Emergency Management are moving toward a point of convergence.  Similarly, this article provides insights into how "consumers" of Public Safety information have been enpowered by social media to support their information needs when the conventional approach has not kept up with "what is possible".  In tommorrow's post, the situation will be flipped around - the post will provide an opportunity to learn how one part of the Public Safety community has been using social media to communicate its message to "consumers". 

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