Sunday, October 9, 2011

DHS Releases an Update to Private Sector Resources Catalog 3.0

According to the Emergency Management and Response - Information Sharing and Analysis Center:

"Recently released as the second update to the original, the Private Sector Resources Catalog 3.0 (PDF, 1.1 Mb) was developed to facilitate private sector access to all Department of Homeland Security (DHS) resources. The document, which contains a comprehensive listing of DHS resources, aims to help private sector organizations deal with a plethora of homeland security issues. 

The Emergency Management and Response—Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EMR-ISAC) determined that the 64-page catalog has over 400 entries covering tornado safety to critical infrastructure protection. It has been reorganized by categories, such as cybersecurity, immigration law, and preventing terrorist activities. 

Divided into 17 categories, the terrorism prevention section discusses topics such as bomb prevention, mass transit, land transportation, facility security, hazardous materials, and maritime security, among others. It further contains an index listing resources by type including, brochures, reports, exercises, training, and more, much of which may have information value to Emergency Services Sector departments and agencies."

Comment: This is a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to have overall understanding of the amazing range of efforts DHS has underway to fulfill its mission.

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