Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trauma Center Map

The American Trauma Society has launched an online viewer that shows all areas of the United States within 60 minutes of a major trauma center (by ambulance or helo).  Consequently, this viewer could be a good general informational tool for local responders called into action in another part of the country.  In addition, it's probably worth pulling into a generic Common Operating Picture (COP) if for no other reason than the metadata that is also available from the application.  However, two cautions on use of this product:
  1. Data currently displayed will become suspect for a specific region that is hit by a disaster.  All bets are off on hosital availability information when the electrical grid goes down or water is in the operating room.
  2. Note the straight edges at the end of service areas.  It's a nit-pick point, but those sharp edges are more about the boundaries of Public Safety Answering Point regions than they are about the actual end of range from a trauma center for ground or airborne assets.  
Anyway, kudos go out to the American Trauma Society for geospatially sharing their expertise in this field with others!  Go here to check out their viewer.

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