Sunday, November 13, 2011

NSGIC Releases Best Practices for Geospatial Data Sharing

On the last day of October 2011, the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) released "Geospatial Data Sharing - Guidelines for Best Practices ".  This four-page (4) document is intended to be an outreach piece that can be used by individuals interested in promoting the removal of barriers that impede geospatial data sharing.  In it, NSGIC describes why geospatial data sharing generates greater community good than anything gained from activities like local units of government selling their geospatial data.  Go here to read and/or download the document.

Comment: This is a superb read and a great tool to have at the ready next time the boss wants to know why, especially in an era of smaller budgets, geospatial data should be just "given away".  Note also in the document the link to the Federal Geographic Data Committee's paper on how to determine sensitive geospatial data.  This is another great reference document that can be used to answer every boss's question: "what can we share?".

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