Saturday, December 31, 2011

EPC Updates: Top Ten Countdown for 2011

If Guy Lombardo, Dick Clark, Casey Kasem, and host of others can have New Year's Eve countdowns, so can the EPC.  So, find below, in descending order for EPC Updates, countries of top readership, and the most popular posts during 2011:

Top Countries of Readership for 2011:

10. Japan
9.   Australia
8.   Philippines
7.   India
6.   Germany
5.   France
4.   Canada
3.   United Kingdom
2.   Russia
1.   United States

With over 3/4's of the hits on this blog since inception on June 23rd, 2011, it should come as no surprise that the most avid readers of this blog live in the United States.  However, what is surprising is that among EPC Updates readers living on all six habitable continents, the next most avid group comes from Russia?   Hmmm......

Top Posts for 2011:

10. Geospatial Tech's Impact on Government's Emergency Response Efforts - Aug 24, 2011
9.   The Future is Now: A GIS Driven Common Operating Picture at California ISO - Dec 12, 2011
8.   Twin Cities GECCo Wrapup - Oct 29, 2011
7.   Tickets - The FREE Open Source Computer-Aided-Dispatch Software - Sep 24, 2011
6.   DHS Launches OneView - Prepares to Pull Plug on iCAV - Jul 22, 2011
5.   Google's Crisis Map - Falling Short of the Mark - August 28, 2011
4.   U.S. National Grid - "In" The FEMA Think Tank - Dec 16, 2011
3.   Garmin Greatly Expands the Number of Units With U.S. National Grid Capability - Nov 8, 2011
2.   HSIP Gold 2011 Released - Mar 9, 2011
1.   First Successful Cyber Attack Against U.S. Infrastructure - Nov 21, 2011

With over 400 hits in one day, no other story on this blog came close to receiving the attention of this year's number one story: First Successful Cyber Attack Against U.S. Infrastructure.  While several news organizations have subsequently reported the Department of Homeland Security and FBI are now saying the incident was a "false alarm," the reality is the scenario attributed to the event remains valid.  For that reason, on November 30, 2011, House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan's 8th, and Committee Ranking Member, Representative Mitch Rupperberger of Maryland's 2nd, introduced H.R. 3523: "Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011".  As envisioned, the bill, which now has 37 co-sponsors, will allow the nation's intelligence directorate to share cyber relate threat information with the nation's infrastructure owners.

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