Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The FEMA Think Tank

In an effort to better communicate with the nation about improving delivery of its services, FEMA has announced launch of "The FEMA Think Tank".  

As envisioned going forward, The FEMA Think Tank will have two components:

  1. A website where individuals can offer, "ideas for strengthening the emergency management field and improving the nation’s capacity to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters."  Others can then review these posts and vote concerning respective value.
  2. Monthly conference calls where Deputy Administrator Serino will talk about three or four ideas from the website, "that address improving emergency management at the federal level".

Go here for The FEMA Think Tank home page.

Comment: A "Suggestion Box" is the hallmark of any well run organization.  So BIG kudos go out to FEMA for leveraging that idea while being both "Web 2.0 Compliant" and transparent.  The account creation process that enables participation was both quick and easy.  And just to make sure the full range of this effort gets a test - they were left with an idea.  Hopefully, you'll think it's a good one and vote for it.

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