Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things Are Jump'n In Frogtown

The geospatial efforts of Tait Danielson Castillo, Executive Director of the District 7 Planning Council of St. Paul, were recently subject of a featured article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.   Specifically highlighted was Castillo's use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to map data that was then used to engage the neighborhood's 5,500 residents on issues ranging from community gardens to crime hot spots.  Go here to read more.

Comment: This is a "big jump" forward for Frogtown's efforts to create a cohesive neighborhood and make it a safer place.  However, similar follow-on efforts in other neighborhoods are certain to "leapfrog" it if Frogtown keeps its policy that mapped data will not be shared with the public.  That's because the best situational awareness comes from data collaboration, not data collection.  And you can't effectively collaborate, without sharing.

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