Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Burnsville Police, Armed With........Body Cameras

Photo: Taser

In an effort to use technology as an impartial witness, officers with the Burnsville, Minnesota, Police Department have started wearing body cameras that record everything that happens during a shift.  Turns out individuals cited for various violations are less likely to challenge the citation or claim improper officer conduct once they find out there is a recording of the event.  To read more, go here.

Comment: For those who were able to hear Dr. Carl Reed's comments during the Twin Cities GECCo, the use of body cameras fits perfectly into the theme of "the responder as a sensor".  Furthermore, not noted in the above article, the system deployed by Burnsville allows a supervisor to review movements and location of incidents for all officers on duty during a shift.  As this technology matures, look for it to include the ability to send a geospatially-referenced, real-time feed back to a command center.

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