Tuesday, January 3, 2012

EPC Updates Resolutions for 2012

On New Year's Eve day, a countdown of the EPC Updates most popular posts for 2011 was offered on this blog.  However, with over 240 posts in the past year, giving consideration only to the "most popular" probably means some insightful information from 2011 was left behind.  Consequently, an editor's review of the past year has resulted in a list of the "Top Ten Most Overlooked Posts for 2011".  From each one comes an idea, theme, or issue that speaks to the future use of geospatial technologies in the Emergency Services Sector (ESS).  And in turn, from that list comes 10 potential resolutions for 2012.  So without further adieu, in descending order, here are the EPC Updates.....

Top Ten Most Overlooked Posts for 2011:

10.  North Dakota: First Known Use of a Drone During the Arrest of a U.S. Citizen - Dec 13, 2011. Resolution: Learn more about drones and the issues related to their use inside the United States.
9.  Indoor Mapping Comes to the Android - Dec 2, 2011. Resolution: Work to further indoor "GPS"capabilities that will benefit the ESS.
8.  NSGIC Releases Best Practices for Geospatial Data Sharing - Nov 13, 2011. Resolution: Promote sharing of geospatial data for use by the ESS.
7.   Anger Builds Over Radiation Forecast Maps Withheld From Japanese Public - Aug 10, 2011. Resolution: Always encourage units of government and infrastructure owners to promptly and meaningfully release incident related geospatial information to the public during disasters.
6. Terrorism Concern: Scientists Asked to Withhold “Bird Flu” Data - Dec 21, 2011. Resolution: Engage the medical community per their need for meaningful geospatial enablement.
5.  Supreme Court Justices Show Concern Over GPS Tracking - Nov 11, 2011. Resolution: Learn more about the complex and diverse legal issues that are emerging for the geospatial community as the Geospatial Revolution continues to accelerate.
4.  Safecast: Crowd Sourcing Radiation Measurements In Japan - Nov 22, 2011. Resolution: Work to help the ESS understand it is failing in its mission if it is not actively participating in the Geospatial Revolution.
3.  Makes Me Cry - NIMS Guideline for the Credentialing of Personnel - Sep 17, 2011. Resolution: Work to ensure formal national recognition of concepts embodied in the EPC's Geospatial Emergency Management Specialist (GEMS) project.
2.  The LightSquared Fight Card - Dec 15, 2011. Resolution: Closely monitor developments that could significantly impact use of GPS inside the United States.
1.  The 9-1-1 Carnage Continues - Aug 20, 2011.  Resolution: Work to get all parts of the ESS to use a common language of location - the U.S. National Grid.

Comment: On the first full working day of the year, the above are offered as food for thought.  Hopefully, you'll take  at least one of these resolutions to heart and become actively engaged on the issue in 2012!


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