Thursday, January 19, 2012

Floor Plan Mapper

To much fanfare, late last year Google announced release of an indoor mapping application for Android platforms. That story was posted to this blog as: Indoor Mapping Comes to Android

While Google and several others have been pursuing an approach that amounts to indoor GPS on a mobile device for large commercial venues, others have been working on simpler, but very effective, approaches for specific sites. One of those efforts is Floor Plan Mapper.

Floor Plan Mapper allows a corporation to integrate its building blueprints with its personnel directory, thereby creating a way for employees to search contact information and the visual "where" as well. The application can also be used to search for assets (where is closest open meeting room?), and help employees and emergency responders understand escape and access routes. It is available both as a desktop and mobile application.  A version is also available for convention floors. To learn more, go here.

Comment: Great to see another approach to the idea of indoor navigation. Look for many more variations on this topic in the future with Japan leading the way. Here are a couple of examples:


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