Friday, February 3, 2012

Laser Message in the Sky

Playing off the Batman symbol in the sky concept, Japanese company Burton, Inc., recently revealed they have developed a prototype aerial 3D technology. Using laser beams, the system can display dynamic symbols and writing in 3D space. In addition to being hawked for potential commercial applications where skywriting might have been previously used, the possibilities for emergency warnings (Fukushima Tsunami) and post event communications are being explored. To learn more:

Comment: There have been more than a few instances where modern communications systems in a region impacted by a disaster have been seriously degraded. Issues have included cell phone systems becoming inoperative due to high demand, loss of electrical power, and the wholesale destruction of communication systems infrastructure. This concept offers a way for Emergency Services Sector personnel to provide basic one-way emergency communications with nothing more than a 3D system and a generator. Hopefully, as this prototype system transitions to actual use, safeguards will be enacted to prevent false warnings from occurring (i.e. Orson Welles: The War of the Worlds).

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