Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LightSquared: Round 14 - Here We Go

When we last checked in on this situation on January 16th (See: LightSquared: Down for the Count), LightSquared was on the mat, taking the count at the end of the 13th round.  But with billions at stake, staying on the mat was not an option for LightSquared.  So up off the mat it staggered and into round 14 we go.  Better dust off that fight card because things are happening so fast, there's no way to keep track of who is landing what blows without it. Here's an update on these two punch-drunk fighters to help you out:

Want to know more?  Here are the resources:

The U.S. Government GPS gatekeeper's point of view:

The U.S. GPS industry's point of view:

LightSquared's point of view:

Interested in filing a comment on LightSquared's request to the FCCYou have until February 27, 2012.  Here's where you can do it:

Comment: If you are here for the first time and wondering: "What's this all about and why should I care?".  Short answer: The winner of this fight could potentially determine if every GPS in the country continues to work or not.  If that's news to you, you might want to use some of those links above. 

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