Thursday, March 15, 2012

eStorys: Storyboarding Emergencies

Yunhe Shi

For some time now the ability to geo-tag photos and display them on a map has existed in popular culture.  Now comes eStorys, an approach that builds on that concept but with an intent to support the Emergency Management community.  Created through a joint effort by universities in Spain and Italy, eStorys is described as "...a computer application that allows georeferenced images that have been uploaded to social networks on the Internet to be recovered, located on maps and organized like a comic to create a visual perspective of a specific story, such as a crisis situation or an emergency."  To learn more:

Comment: According to the various snippets of information available online, eStorys is primarily being offered as a mitigation tool that can help planners prevent future events by having a way to visualize past happenings.  However, it would appear there is also a significant potential for use as a fire and police investigative tool if used inside a firewall with crime scene photos.

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