Sunday, March 18, 2012

Remote Sensing in the Wrong Hands - Means Trouble

Over the past couple of days, there have been several articles in the popular press offering tales of caution about the Orwellian world of remote sensing that may be in the future for us all.  First came the guilty verdict in the Rutgers gay student suicide case where the center of controversy was use of a web camera by one roommate to spy on another.  That story was quickly followed by one about the CIA's developmental efforts to use future sensors  - that will be found in everything from dishwashers to toasters - to geolocate and track individuals.  Finally, the week concluded with the New York Times releasing an extended piece about the lucrative business of installing population monitoring cameras in China at a rate that makes that country the most closely watched society on Earth.  Although the article has an obvious political slant, it's worth a read.  To do so, click the link below:

Comment: The childhood suspicion that TV personalities could peer into the family recreation room from inside the family's lone, 18" black and white, tube-style television - is now starting to tilt closer to fact than fiction.  So word of advice: From this point forward, don't watch TV in the nude!

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