Tuesday, April 3, 2012

IBM's Deep Thunder

Over the last year or so, more than a few technology publications have run articles on IBM's Deep Thunder, an effort to provide hour by hour weather forecasts three and one-half (3.5) days out for locations as small as one kilometer.  Although Deep Thunder has been an ongoing project in part since the 1970's, what has recently brought attention to the effort is advancements in computing power, mobility and visualization have finally given legs to the project.  Early in March, IBM showcased its latest Deep Thunder developments to members of Congress and the media using iPad and Android platforms.  Want to know more?  Use one of the links below:

Comment: You know you are getting old when you can remember the local TV channel weather man drawing the sun, clouds and fronts on a paper map, on which he then wrote temperatures.  Sorry, forgot to mention that was on the one local TV channel, and it was broadcasting in black and white.   Hopefully, before the clock runs that long again the technology that Deep Thunder represents will be in common use in the Emergency Services Sector.

In a somewhat related development, on Monday, the National Weather Service began using more graphic verbal warnings to broadcast the danger of on-coming weather.  Click here, to learn more. 

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