Thursday, May 17, 2012

FEMA "Situational Awareness/Common Operating Picture" Courses for FY-2013

Late last week, FEMA's Emergency Management Institute (EMI) released its course schedule for Fiscal Year/FY-2013 (October 1, 2012 - September 30, 2013).  Included in the offerings are two courses specifically dedicated  to "Situational Awareness/Common Operating Picture".  These courses are offered as part of the Integrated Emergency Management Curriculum.  

Available dates for EMI's Resident training program are as follows: 

  • E948 Situation Awareness and Common Operating Picture. Dates: December 10-13; March 25-28; July 15-18; and September 9-12.
  • E143 Advanced Situational Awareness/Common Operating Picture. Dates: December 17-20; and February 25-28.

Available dates for FEMA's Mobile Training Course program are as follows (location of instruction for all courses is To Be Determined):  

  • L948 Situation Awareness and Common Operating Picture. Dates: October 22-25; November 13-16; January 22-25; February 11-14; March 18-21; April 15-18;  May 13-16; June 17-20; and August 5-8 and 19-22.
  • L143 Advanced Situational Awareness/Common Operating Picture. Not available.

In addition to the above courses, FEMA also offers courses designed to help Emergency Managers learn how GIS can serve as a force multiplier, as well as courses about FEMA's mitigation planning software HAZUS. There are some remaining 2012 training opportunities for a couple of these courses. To learn more, use the links below:

Comment: In FY-2013, available dates for most EMI courses with a geospatial flavor are front loaded to the first half of the year (starting in October 2012).  So apply early if you would like to attend. 

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