Friday, May 25, 2012

Fishy Friday: Fish-bots Sniffing for Pollution

Leave it to those "at sea" crazy Brits to come up with this one.  To head off slow moving disasters known as water borne pollution, British researchers have been investigating using sensor-laden, robotic fish to swim around looking for things that shouldn't be in the water.  And if the fish-bots find pollution, they are programmed to sniff their way back to the source like a shark following a blood trail. All, of course, monitored and recorded using geo-referenced telemetry sent back to shore where it can be used to write a "ticket" for the unfortunate polluter who just got caught red-handed - by a robotic fish. To learn more, use the links below to read an article, or view a video, by BBC:   

Comment: We have now have a trifecta of robots - robotic planes in the sky, robotic cars on land, and now robotic fish in the sea.  Lets hope this all stops before someone comes up with a bright idea like robotic piranha.  

Lead photo Credit: BBC

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