Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NASA Returns to Earth

NASA recently announced it will soon begin testing a system of 500 real-time GPS measurement units for the detection and understanding of earthquakes along the West Coast of United States.  Ultimately, it is hoped the Real-time Earthquake Analysis for Disaster (READI) Mitigation Network will result in more timely tsunami warnings and disaster responses.  To learn more, use the link below to read the NASA news release:

Comment:  (The picture above was taken, April 30, 2012.)  One day the nation's premier machine for manned space travel, the next day, parked in a hanger on a side ramp at New York's JFK Airport while waiting to become an antique display in the USS Intrepid.  And so it is that NASA finds itself bound to earth in just one more way like the rest of us.  Although a sad day for the nation, it's a development that reminds us NASA's mission in space is one that is also about making this planet a better place by leveraging "the view" from above. 

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