Monday, June 25, 2012

EPC Updates Is One Year Old!

It's hard for me to believe, but this past Saturday EPC Updates celebrated its first birthday.  Launched with the simple intent of delivering an occasional Minnesota-focused, breaking news item about how the Geospatial Revolution is impacting the Emergency Services Sector (ESS), this blog is now home to 400 posts and has readers around the globe. I think that is indicative of the magnitude of change currently taking place in the technologies this blog follows.  When it comes to the ESS, the world of "electronic maps" is no longer just about how to effectively use a particular piece of GIS software to support a sector mission, it's also about knowing how to acquire and manage various forms of static information (data bases) and dynamic feeds (sensors) that can be used to create real-time situational awareness.  Consequently, with that educational need in mind, every post offered on this blog to date is available for quick review by using the Subject and Title Archive search features located at the top of each blog page. So, whether it's information about Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Common Operating Pictures, Smart Phones, Social Media, Location Tracking, or any other topic related to this blog's intent, there is an easy way for readers to stop by and efficiently look for background information on a given topic.

In addition to the educational aspect of this site, there has also been an effort to put forward ideas that have an element of advocacy to them.  Over the past year, I believe there are three worthy of special note:

Each represents a significant way in which a pervasive lack of awareness about the capabilities or limitations of geospatial technologies means we are loosing out on the opportunity to enhance our national preparedness and response infrastructure.  To understand my pointI'd suggest a review of each post listed above (and the associated materials).

Finally, if you find this blog of value to you, I have a favor to ask. Please pass along this blog's existence to others who you think might find it useful.  Individuals working in the topic areas this blog covers tend to be their own worst enemy when it comes to public relations.  Practitioners understand the importance and value, but sometimes the boss does not.  So here's an opportunity to build engagement and awareness through examples that clearly demonstrate the world of geospatial technology is exploding around us.  In an era of shrinking budgets, the job you save, may be your own. Similarly, the more individuals who are aware of the variety and extent of issues in play, the easier it will be to create meaningful change that will help us all.

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