Friday, June 15, 2012

Freak - Out Friday: You Can't Make This Stuff Up

I promise - next week I'll get back to stories focused strictly on the use of geospatial information technologies in support of the Emergency Services Sector.  But for today, find below three reports on stuff you can't make up.

Item #1: Man Files Federal Class Action Law Suit Because His Siri Was Location Inept: According to reports coming out of Texas, a Mr. Frank Fazio has filed a federal class action lawsuit because, among other issues related to the Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface (Siri) software installed on his iPhone 4S, his Siri was unable to provide meaningful location information/directions.  As reported by CBSDFW.COM, Mr. Fazio was supposedly harmed because he, “...asked Siri for directions to a certain place, or to locate a store. Siri either did not understand what he was asking or after a very long wait time responded with the wrong answer.”  Click on the link below if you....really do.....want to know more about this one: 

Item #2: UFO Flies Down Washington D.C. Interstate (On Flatbed Truck): Where to start on this one? OK, if it's an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), how is it that it's on a flatbed truck?  One that is driving down the Interstate right through the middle of the nation's capital?  And, there's a sign on the truck that says, "Oversize Load". Think about that one for a minute before calling 911.  Unfortunately, it's only the start of the fun with where this is headed. Wait until the "UFO" gets in the skies.  Can you say, "Light up my 911 call lines?"  For mystery solved, click the link below:

Item #3: Nobody at Google Knows Anything About Street View Data Collects:  Here's another one for anyone who wants to believe that in the age of U.S. drones crisscrossing the skies of Pakistan, with some of those drones being no bigger than a cigarette pack, that the United States really didn't know if the man walking around the inside that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan was Usama Bin Laden.  Click the link below for - Nobody No's Nuttin:

Comment: The pool of hard to believe stories about the Geospatial Revolution is nearly endless.  But as promised, enough poking fun and back to work starting on Monday.  

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