Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Two New Search Features for EPC Updates

In an effort to increase the utility of the 380+ archived posts on this blog, yesterday afternoon two new search features were added to this site. Available through links on the top menu bar, they are:
  • Archive of Posts by Subject: Find here a master index of all EPC Updates posts, grouped by the most significant informational item found in each post. For example, under the subject header "Social Media",  find the 10 posts written since blog inception that have social media as the primary idea of the post.
  • Archive of Posts by Title: Find here a master index of all EPC Updates post titles, listed alphabetically within the respective month that they were written. Months are listed in a chronological descending order.
These two new search features join the blog's four existing search capabilities which start at the top of the right side bar:
  • "Search This Blog": Generates standard search engine type results for information inside the blog.
  • "Most Popular Posts In Last Seven Days":  From top to bottom, find here in descending order the top 10 posts of the past seven days.
  • "Blog Archive": Serves as a way to open every post for a selected month with one click.
  • "Labels": Opens every post that received the respective label or "tag" at the time of writing.
Taken together, these six search features should provide readers of this blog with a variety of approaches to look for information that might otherwise be hard to find. 

Comment: Hopefully, these additions will be helpful for anyone looking for leads from past posts.  If so, happy hunting! 

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