Friday, July 20, 2012

Future Friday: APCO Annual Conference, GPS Dots/GPS Spoofing, GIS Helps Detroit, and The Lawnmower of Tomorrow

Here's another dose of TGIF tidbits, this time with a view to the future:

APCO Annual Conference: The 78th annual conference and expo of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on August 19-22.  Use the link below to learn more:

GPS Dots/GPS Spoofing: From TEDx Talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design) earlier this year - Todd Humphreys talks about how we are headed toward a world where everything down to shoes can be found by using a GPS "Dot", and how it's possible to spoof your GPS location.  A superb, thought provoking presentation worth all 15:37 of your time.

GIS Helps Detroit: As Detroit has been working hard to remove urban blight and reduce the public safety hazards associated with abandoned buildings, GIS has been central to efforts to develop a master plan.  Click the link below to learn more:

The Lawnmower of Tomorrow: If you think the current robotic lawnmowers are the cat's meow, you ain't seen nothing yet. Check out the lawnmower of the future in video below (2:28):

Comment: And with that, enough for this week.  Truly hope you'll be back to visit EPC Updates in the future.....

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