Monday, July 30, 2012


The July 17, 2012, edition of USAToday featured an article about "Smart911", a system by Rave Mobile Safety that allows individuals to voluntarily provide medical and other personal data that will then be associated with their phone number.  As a result, dispatchers and responders have better understanding about potential life-threatening conditions that can be expected at a caller's address.  The system has now been implemented in 300 communities in 25 states, with Washington D.C. and Nashville, Tennessee being two of the more recent additions.  To learn more, use the links/view the video below: 

Comment: Currently, many communities have systems in place that allow the elderly and disabled to associate similar information with an individual's wrist-worn emergency call system.  The transition of that capability to the 911 system and expansion to the general population appears to be a wonderful development.  As of this writing, this author is unaware of any use of Smart911 in Minnesota - so looking forward to its arrival!

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