Monday, August 27, 2012

CAT 5 Hurricane - We Hope Not

CAT 1: He's back at it.  First, John Nelson of IDV Solutions gave us 60+ years of tornado tracks, and then the location of every earthquake since 1898.  Now, as shown in the South Pole view above, he has depicted the path of every hurricane on the planet since 1851.  To learn more, use the links below:

Free Wall Poster (Other sizes available also)
Hurricanes Since 1851 (IDV Solutions Blog Post, August 20, 2012)

CAT2: Not to be out done by Mr. Nelson, NOAA's Coastal Service Center has launched an online "Data Visualization Tool" that allows users to see the historical tracks of hurricanes that have hit the United States. To give it a try, go here:


CAT3: If you are looking for something with a more current "spin" to it, then you are probably looking for a smartphone app that can tell you what is happening now.  To be certain, there are plenty of them out there.  The link below will get you started on your hunt:

Track Hurricanes With One of These Smartphone Apps (The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 24, 2012)

CAT4: By now, most folks know the Republican National Convention is in Tampa, Florida this week and Day 1 has been cancelled because of Isaac. However, most folks don't know GPS tracking technology has been installed on local transportation systems to help monitor and manage things like major weather events.  Use the link below for more:   

Weather Closely Monitored At Republican National Convention (The Sacramento Bee, August 24, 2012)

Read more here:

CAT5: A CAT 5 hurricane is no place for any living thing.  But we need to know more about what makes these storms tick. NASA has an answer - send in a drone. Find out more below:

Comment: It's hard to review the list above without realizing the numerous ways geospatial data and information systems help us better understand our world and prepare for the worst. Wishing only the best for our friends to the South who will be facing the brunt of Isaac.

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