Friday, August 17, 2012

EPC Updates Weekend Edition: Meograph, Navy Drones, JFK Jet Skier, Jobs' Ghost, and West Nile in Texas

It's that time again.  EPC Updates goes unplugged for the weekend....first up: "Meograph".

Story #1: Meograph Beta was recently released and although it has some minor bugs that are certain to get ironed out as the pool of users increases, it's still a pretty slick idea and a wave of the future. "Four-dimensional Story Telling" - time, place, voice and photos (or videos).  Plus, it just might have potential as a PR tool for Emergency Managers during disasters. To get an idea of how it works, find above a Meograph version of this weekend's headlines.  Alternately, you can view the Travon Martin case as a Meograph by using the link below:

Story #2: If the Air Force can have drones in the sky, the Navy should be able to have drones in the water.  Indeed - testing is underway off Newport, Rhode Island on a concept that one day may be able to support a number of Emergency Services Sector underwater search functions. For more on this one, use the link below: 

Story #3: $100 million down the drain, or so it would seem.  On August 13, 2012, a stranded jet skier in New York's Jamaica Bay swam for shore, and then found his way undetected across one of the world's busiest airports despite an elaborate security system that was installed after 9/11. The link below will give you details:

Story #4: If you are going to rob someone, probably a bad idea to rob the King of Tech, Steve Jobs, even if he is dead.  It didn't take the cops very long to find this knucklehead. Link below is for more:

Story #5: West Nile Virus has descended on Dallas, Texas with a vengeance and the Mayor has had to declare a city-wide emergency.  It's not hard to sympathize with the troubles down in Texas when living in a place with our own BIG mosquitoes. Thankfully, up here we have the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District that uses a region-wide approach based on GIS to keep things under control.  Let's hope the best for Dallas while reading the story below:

All for this week.  Have a great weekend!

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