Thursday, August 23, 2012


Little doubt sensor recognition capabilities like those found in Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) have come a long way in the last decade.  Indeed, it's a point probably best made by recent developments in Nashville, Tennessee, where "Facedeals" is undergoing field testing.  Using a picture posted to an individual's Facebook site and digital cameras installed at shop entrances, Facedeals has the ability to recognize a shopper as he/she walks into a shop.  That identification is then used to tailor the customer experience based on information previously collected about the individual - such as offering discounts on preferred items.  To learn more, use the article or video links below:

Comment: The privacy blogs have been going wild with this one. On the one hand, Facedeals is being offered as a voluntary service.  On the other hand, we are on the verge of adding Facedeals to other technologies like GPS and cell phone signals as a way to continuously track an individual in the urban environment.  Yup, we are on a slippery slope.

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