Friday, August 3, 2012

Flipped Out Friday: EPC Updates Weekend Edition

In honor of the Olympics, here's Five Flipped Out stories for Friday....... 

3D Printers: If you want a 3D map, the clip below shows how you will soon be able to PRINT your own.  Starts out slow, but stick with it - if it doesn't bend your mind, nothing will.

If you can't wait for the day when you will have one of these machines in your office, use the link below to order a 3D custom map: 

Create Custom 3D Printed Geographic Models

Distracted Walking: We've all seen it - people so involved in what they are doing on their smartphones, that they have tuned out to the dangers around them - like walking into traffic.  Turns out Public Safety officials have become concerned to the point where discussions are taking place about consequences for offenders:

Distracted Pedestrians Stumble Into Danger (Associated Press, July 30, 2012)

UFO UpdateA while back EPC Updates ran a Friday snippet called: "UFO Flies Down Washington D.C. Interstate (On Flatbed Truck)".  If you're dying for an update (with pictures), just click the link below:

D.C. Beltway ‘UFO’ Up Close At Air Base (, July 31, 2012)

Google in De L'eau Chaude: Sorry, my French is really bad. Anyway, Google is in hot water again over its Street View effort.  This time, at a location not too far from the Eiffel Tower.  The link below will tell you more:

* Here's a tip for aspiring research types - AFP runs one of the most thorough and unbiased open source news gathering systems in the world.  Plus, their archive is extensive and well organized.  Happy digging. 

Smart Phone Hacking: Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your cell phone, researchers have discovered the same technology that provides GPS on your phone, potentially allows you to be tracked remotely.  You can learn more below:

GPS Weakness Could Enable Mass Smartphone Hacking (Technology Review, July 26, 2012)

Comment: Until next week - have a great weekend!

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