Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurricane Pop Quiz

It wouldn't be a "pop quiz" if you were expecting it.  So here goes, five questions drawn from topics on this blog in the last year:

Q: The federally approved coordinate system used for land based operations during Catastrophic Incident Search and Rescue (SAR) is what?
A: Go here - see page 119.

Q: What government agency offers a publicly available online viewer that graphical shows if critical infrastructure in a coastal community will flood at various flood heights (storm surge). 
A: Go here.

Q: The name of the free software that can be used to predict potential inland damage along the track of a hurricane is?
A: Go here.

Q: The federally approved coordinate system for routine land based Search and Rescue (SAR) communications is what?
A: Go here.

Q: The name of the software that is free to government officials and can be used to determine when it is necessary to evacuate a coastal area due to a hurricane is?
A: Go here.

Comment: Just like a pop quiz, you never know when a disaster is going to strike. Consequently, you always have to be ready!

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