Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This, or That?


or that?

Maybe, both.......

Comment: The National Weather Service has long been an innovator when it comes to communicating subject matter that is of high interest to the general public.  For that reason, they have settled on an approach that relies primarily on graphics to depict "what" is happening "where".  Expanded details of the situation are then made available using text. Although we now think of this approach as routine and obvious, we are less than a generation away from days where many individuals relied on less graphically intense approaches to anticipate the next day's weather.  Some examples would include: listening to the radio, monitoring "forecast lights" on tall urban buildings, using barometers, and "reading the sky". So, as Isaac churns north from the Gulf bringing much needed moisture to parts of America's Heartland, a big thanks goes out to the National Weather Service for their efforts across the years to bring "visual" to what can be at times, disaster information.

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