Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drone Invasion

It's easy enough to dismiss a single story on a subject as being reactionary or over stating the case.  But, when the volume and scope increases to the point where you can't open a newspaper or visit an online news source without finding some mention of a particular subject, you know for sure a topic has arrived.  And so it is with an issue this blog has covered since inception: the far reaching implications of the drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) invasion of the public sector that is currently underway.  In keeping with that point, your consideration of some stories and reports from the past 60-days or so, is invited below:

The Emerging ‘Drone’ Culture (Editorial, Miami Herald, August 6, 2012)

Are You Ready for Civilian Drones? (Emergency Management, August 3, 2012)

Comment: Get the idea?  The nation is on the cusp of a paradigm shift that will have profound impact on the geospatial community and Emergency Services Sector.  If you work in one of these professions, try as you may, it's a revolution you won't be able to avoid.  Probably best to be on the proactive, rather than reactive, side of that reality.

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