Monday, October 1, 2012

A Wearable Map Generator for Responders

Last week, one of MIT's research teams announced they had developed a system that a responder can wear to generate a real-time map on the move. Using a combination of technologies that includes LIDAR, inertial navigation, camera, and barometer, the system generates a spatial "recording" of the surrounding environment as it is moved through an area. As envisioned by the MIT team, the system could  be used by responders who need to preserve this type of information for follow-on efforts, such as Urban Search and Rescue teams, or HAZMAT response teams.  Find links below for a demonstration video and the school's news release:

Comment: Pretty slick - congrats go out to MIT!  

One point of note after cruising the blogs on this story. Some have pointed out that the Zebedee Handheld 3D Mapping System, which has existed as a working prototype for about eight months, is a product for the general public that has similar capabilities. Check it out below.

Lead photo credit: MIT News

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