Friday, October 19, 2012

Find Something Friday: OpenStreetMap, Waze, Galileo, Your Location, and Data

Seems like everybody is trying to figure out where stuff is located....

OpenStreetMap: In case you missed it during the Google/Apple Maps food fight, there is an alternative available called OpenStreetMap (OSM).  Created and supported primarily by volunteer efforts, OSM has been lauded for its granularity in Europe where many consider much better than Google Maps. And, as the video above shows, volunteers have been very busy for the past five years as the OSM effort has gained steam in the United States. Link to the OSM website is provided below:

Waze: Another competitor that appears to have been granted smooth sailing out of the Google/Apple Maps fight is Waze. Described as a "fun, community-based GPS traffic and navigation app" that helps users get to their destinations quicker, truth be told, smells like a way to avoid getting a speeding ticket if you ask me.  Check it out for yourself:

A Waze Ahead of Apple in Map Race (AdWeek, October 16, 2012)

Galileo:  Big event this past week for European GPS efforts. Galileo satellites three and four were placed into orbit. With four satellites parked above, an operational check of the system will get underway.  Then, as additional satellites join the 24 platform constellation, coverage and system performance will improve.  Consequently, GPS users will be able to get lost using either the U.S. or European systems.  More below:

Your Location: Knowing your location is valuable information ($$$$$$$) for plenty of folks. Check it out below:

5 Reasons Location Is The Smartphone's Killer Map (Fast Company, October 3, 2012)

Data: Growing up in a town where one High School's mascot is a lumberjack, I would never believe a paper mill could look so good. Leave it to Google. Paper mill turned data center - where all "wheres" are stored.  More below:

Have a great weekend!

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