Tuesday, November 6, 2012

GPS for Stalkers Comes to Minnesota

Last year to much fanfare, Daniel Donovan, the District Attorney for the New York City Borough of Staten Island, announced a program for the Borough that required known domestic abusers to wear a GPS tracking device to keep them away from past victims (see: GPS Tracking of Domestic Abusers Comes to New York City!).  Now, Ramsey County, Minnesota has announced a twist on that concept - this time it's known stalkers who will be required to wear a location reporting ankle bracelet. Introduction of this type of program in Minnesota is part of a growing national trend that has location driven services being used by the law enforcement community in an increasing variety of ways and locations.  To learn more about the stalker program in Minnesota, use the link below:

Ramsey County Project Will Use GPS on Stalkers (Star Tribune, November 1, 2012)

Comment: As noted in the article, effectiveness of these types of programs is only as good as the ability to monitor the whereabouts of an individual wearing the bracelet. Best of luck to Ramsey County on making that piece work as they begin trials on this very worthwhile effort.

Lead picture: www.stopllc.com

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