Monday, December 24, 2012

Muddling Around Monday: Ho, Ho, Ho!

For anyone unfortunate enough to have to go to work today - let's face it. The likelihood any meaningful work is going to get done today is just about zero. First off, given the pairing of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the weekend, the staff count is going to be down significantly at the day's start. Then there will be those folks ducking out for "lunch time" last minute Christmas shopping (4 hours), individuals leaving early for travel, the group buffoonery in the lunch room, and maybe even an ad hoc office Christmas Party. To top it all off, late on Friday, President Obama gave all Federal workers the day off. I mean, really, the day is shot, and I'm not going to fight "City Hall" by putting up a meat and potatoes post. Instead, I am going to wander off the deep end that's usually reserved for Fridays and create the potential for some additional Holiday skulduggery. Hence, you are cordially invited to join the mayhem by viewing three of my favorite Christmas videos.  

Here's Hoping You Get Everything You Want for Christmas,

Ho, Ho, Ho.....Merry Christmas!

(now get back to work)

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