Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 - Ten Trends

On New Year's Eve, this blog offered insights about the most popular posts on this blog during the past year.  Now, on the back side of New Year's Day, find below ten trends from 2012 that were identified from posts that weren't popular enough to make the top ten list, but in the opinion of this author, nevertheless had substance (Drones/UAS/UAV's issues were excluded from the list below because of my previous comments about the importance of this topic).

2012 - Ten Trends:

FEMA Gets Better at Geospatial

Common Operating Picture Use Spreads

Technology Based Volunteer Efforts Expand

U.S. National Grid Efforts Grow

Significant Data Issues Remain

Disaster Mapping Systems For The Public Are Weak

Feds Working New Tech Based Approaches

Social Media Use Becomes More Robust

What's Underground Needlessly Mystifies

Location Privacy Issues Increase

Comment: One unifying theme that brings all the above trends together - get on board with the Geospatial Revolution now, or find yourself at a serious disadvantage in the years ahead. 

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