Friday, January 11, 2013

First Friday - 2013

Ya, I know it's actually the second Friday of 2013, but it's the First Friday of a Full Work Week. And that's all that really matters, so my version of the world rules. And with that issue straightened out, off we go on the first head banging of 2013...

Have a Drone Problem?  No Problem - With Laser DefenseI know this story is hard to believe, but as a kid I used to go to the Saturday afternoon movies sponsored by the Wausau, Wisconsin PTA at the Grand Theater; movie, popcorn, drink and a two hour high fructose lolly-pop was 50 cents.  Of course the running series that preceded the main event was some ancient Buck Rodgers deal where people and things were always getting vaporized by some fakey looking light beam.  I mean, the situation was totally unbelieveable, so time to press on to something that is believable (picture above):

(BBC, January 8, 2013)

Yes, It's Legal to Video Record the Police in Action. Apparently I had a crystal ball on January 4th, 2013, when I ran "Flush It Friday - Part Two and Three", which included Video Record Cops - Go to Jail - Earn Big Bucks, because a whole three days later a Little Canada, Minnesota man made national news when he got busted for, you guessed it, filming the police in action. I love the men and women in blue - so I'm trying to help them out here by posting these technology stories as points of awareness. Please read below and pay attention to the comments by Jane Kirtley, professor of media ethics and media law at the University of Minnesota:

(, January 8, 2013)

Student Looses RFID ID Challenge.  Looks like if the police have to obey the rules, so do the rest of us.  In a case we have been following in San Antonio, a student's challenge to a Texas school system's RFID ID tracking system was dismissed for a very good reason - there was no RFID in the ID offered.  More below: 

(Slate, January 8, 2013)

Call Back Later. I just hate it when I call 9-1-1 and they tell me to call back later. Apparently, a resident of Detroit feels the same way. More below:

(CBSDetroit, January 5, 2013)

Maps Brings Death Threats. You would have to be living in a cave in Afghanistan to have missed out on the flap when the Journal News piled on the Sandy Hook tragedy by publishing maps of where all gun owners in a couple New York City metro counties live. The reality of the Geospatial Revolution makes these sorts of controversially maps possible. What's right, or wrong here, is something we are going to have to collectively figure out after everyone calms down. Until then, find below a story and maps for you to ponder:   

(, December 23, 2012)

Lead photo: Rheinmetall

Have a fabulous weekend!

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